Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Shave November!

This year SHARE will be
hosting its 1st EVER "No Shave November", during which volunteers will grow out their facial hair in order to raise money for "One Small House". OSH is a non-profit organization that builds houses for impoverished families by gathering volunteers and raising money for supplies all on its own. Through the end of this year, all donations to OSH will be matched by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd!

Meet the family we're raising money for:

To Become a Sponsor, fill out the form:

Here's how it works:

1. Contestants will begin to grow out their facial hair around November 1st and will continue through Monday, December 5th (Exam Day for 1st and 2nd Year Students).

2. During the month of November, contestants will collect money from any sponsors (classmates, faculty, family, friends, etc.) who are willing to support the cause. Sponsors will be in charge of holding contestants true to their word. Donations of any size are welcome, as are set rates per day, which would give your contestant a reason to stay in the no shave race and compete not only for a chance to win prizes, but also to fund a home for a family in need.

3. On Monday, December 5th, we will be hosting a "‘'Stache Bash" at a location near campus where 3 faculty judges (TBA) will decide who has the best mustache/facial hair.

**Prizes (TBA) will be awarded to the winners chosen by the faculty members and to contestants that raise the most money.

(No Shave November Picture from

First Update Photos

Check out the starting shots of most of our No Shave November contestants (in no particular order)!

To help sponsor one of our contestants, please click this link and fill out this form:

Meet the family we're raising money for:

You also can just donate to the cause without choosing a particular contestant.

We will continue to post update photos of their progress on this blog!

Brian Radvansky

Jeremy Hreha

Ed Nunziato

Chirag Patel

Andrew Nouri

Michael Chorney

Max Plitt

Matt Listo

Kiruba Dharaneeswaran

Kevin Shahbarhrami

Rich Denicola

Ravi Shah

Nishanth Sidduri

Neel Prakash

Nayan Patel

Rob Mariquis

Friday, September 23, 2011

SHARE Cares Day 2011!

Look at all those smiling faces!

This year at orientation, we had over 80 students participate in our annual SHARE Cares Day. SHARE Cares Day is the first community-service event of the year, and a great way for first-years to get to know each other and find out what SHARE is all about!

One group of students spent the day at Broadway House, New Jersey's only special care facility for people living with AIDS.

First we got to work revamping the facilities.

Then the group got ready for an afternoon of card games and decorated for Casino Night.

Residents of Broadway House and NJMS students alike had a fun and interactive afternoon gambling, snacking on appetizers and getting to know each other.

Another group volunteered at the University Hospital Pediatrics unit and read to children of all ages.

What a great start to the school year! A big thank-you to everyone who participated.
For more information about SHARE, please email

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sunday June 12th, PINACLE, a suborganization of SHARE, organized a health screening at Safe Haven Christian Fellowship in Rahway. Two students, Deepa Sannidhi (NJMS '12) and Chelsea Brower (NJMS '14) gave presentations about relevant health topics including diabetes, hypertension and nutrition. Afterwards, health fair attendees had their blood pressure and blood glucose measured by enthusiastic volunteers. Thanks everyone for your help!

Christine Giordano (NJMS '14) taking blood pressure.

Matt Listo (NJMS '14) measuring the pulse of a community member.

Deepa Sannidhi (NJMS '12) speaking about nutrition.

Chelsea Brower (NJMS '14) with the event organizer, Ms. Salas.

Group shot of Achmed Koroma (NJMS '14), Matt Listo (NJMS '14), Ms. Salas, and Chelsea Brower (NJMS '14)

Monday, May 30, 2011


Welcome to any incoming NJMS students!

We are very excited for this coming year! Please check this blog periodically for updates about SHARE. If you have any ideas of volunteer projects/ fundraising opportunities or just want to find out how to get more involved, please email us at We look forward to getting to know you better this coming year!

New SHARE E-Board:
Co-Chairmen - Chelsea Brower and Nilum Patel
Director of Finance: Tek Ramchand
Director of Community Relations: Natalie Cedeno
Director of Administration: Prasanthi Yelavarthy
Director of Events & Media Relations: Lauren Maramara
Programming Board - Voices of
Share: Brian Chen

Friday, November 20, 2009

paint the hallway with SHARE: jan 4-jan 7

We know you're in med school, but do you have secretly burning desires to unleash your creativity?
Are you an artiste under-cover?

Or, do you just like getting messy?

SHARE is painting a mural on the hallway at NJMS: the hallway that connects MSB to the hospital, by the anatomy lab. We plan to paint on the days of January 4th (Monday) through January 7th (Thursday), which is right when we come back from our winter break. Come join us for some good, un-clean fun and help make our school pretty (MSB needs a little face-lift, don't you think?)! We will be sending out more details via email and this blog, so please be on the lookout.

Oh, we'll be painting figures in block colors - so you should definitely come even if you think you have no artistic talent. If you've managed to get through kindergarten, you'll be fine. And if you haven't gone through kindergarten, well...

Maybe you're just gifted and don't require formal training in coloring shapes.

Hailey Choi, NJMS'12

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Healthy Food Demo at Math Night, Maple Ave School

'Soul Food' recipe books! Avni Shah (NJMS '13), Arun Gurunathan (NJMS '12), James Lin (NJMS'12)

Tuesday, October 20th, REACH organized a healthy food demonstration for children and their families at Maple Ave School in Newark, NJ. The students prepared a variety of foods, including Healthy Tuna Wraps and Sugarless Honey Cake (Alex Belfar, NJMS '12), and Kale-Banana Smoothies. About 100 children (K-8) and their parents enjoyed trying different foods and learning how to make them.

The purpose of this outreach event was to promote nutrition and healthy eating in families. Many of the parents took the recipes that were presented, and replied that they liked towards the idea of nutrition-conscious cooking and would like to incorporate them at their homes.